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Studies show that business is more productive and more profitable if the work environment is organized and free of clutter. An efficient office will raise your company’s bottom line by eliminating office waste such as unused inventory and supplies, paper clutter and unnecessary motion. So, how to reduce such waste?
The short answer is 5S.

Lean / 5S offices save time and money

When waste is eliminated, we see immediate improvement in profitability, accountability and overall office morale. Through a process of focused questioning and discovery within each working aspect of an office space, Organizers Northwest will identify where waste is occurring and why. Our team will work closely with your employees to root out waste and create sustainable, long-term solutions that will continue to support production and profitability in all areas of the office long into the future.

Your Business & Lost Productivity – A Cost Calculator

Calculator-promoYou’ve heard the expression “Time is money”, right? But have you ever stopped to figure out just how MUCH money your business is losing by being disorganized?

Enter your earnings and estimate how much time your business wastes every day looking for things instead of actually working, and the results will astound you!

Organizers NW has been a great help to our business! They have helped us with a variety of projects from setting up logical filing systems to get our paper filed for retrieval where we can actually find it to helping us problem solve how to get our Email Inboxes under control. The team is professional, personable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone for help at your business or your home.

Annelisa Zander
Project Manager
Berger Seed

Not just for the manufacturing floor

The tried-and-true practices of 5S have worked for years on the manufacturing floor. Now you can bring the 5S system to your office, fostering the Lean culture of Continuous Improvement throughout your entire business.

View the following Smead Organomics podcast with Organizers Northwest’s Veronica Bishop:

The 5S Principles:

Here are the steps that our team would perform in your office space:
Sort: We help you decide what files and supplies you need close at hand – and what you don’t. We will identify and eliminate waste in each area of the office.
Set in order: Your 5S consultant will help to place items in a location and order that supports the needs of that area.
Shine: Cleaning with a purpose will allow us to inspect and detect potential problems before they occur.
Standardize: We will create and implement visual cues such as labels, lines, signs and checklists to create guidelines and maintain the work.
Sustain: This is all about education and training. How will you maintain the space? We will provide tips for 5S upkeep including 5S audits and checklists.

Would your office benefit from 5S implementation?

Give us a call to set up a walk-through and assessment with one of our 5S consultants today. Contact us today.

You and your staff did a magnificent job of teaching new skills and reminding about more efficient strategies to organize our paperwork.

Judith Belk, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/Aud.
Center for Communication & Learning Skills

Are you ready for a Ninja Workshop?

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